PMP Rolls & Service is the Professional Machining Center of Rolls mainly for paper industry. We also work with partners in other industries, such as siderurgy, food and printing. We produce, regenerate, renew and service rolls, pumps, gears also for the siderurgy, food, rubber, mining industry.

Our company is one of the few specializing in offering comprehensive services of production as well as the renovation and repair. The main group of our clients belong to the pulp and paper industry.

The plant is located on the premises of the Mondi Świecie S.A. PMP Rolls & Service consists of two main production departments: The Roll Grinding Dept. and the Mechanical & Repairs Dept. They are located in separate two buildings (in 500m distance from each other). Both can be easily accessed by trucks or by train. The Roll Grinding Dept - set up as the first and the only modern service center for paper plants in Poland.. We also make installation and modernization services on-site. In addition to the main, we have other related activities, including metal machining, welding.

We are the member of capital group PMPGroup. It gives us the possibility of the development of high technology and marketing. We follow the direction of honest partner in the enterprise market activity in the country and abroads.

Our history dates back to the early nineties. The company was established by separating the repair department of the Pulp and Paper Plant from the rest of the current Mondi plant. In the meantime, belonged to the American Beloit Corporation, a manufacturer of paper machine, where we could enjoy the resources of modern knowledge of operating paper machines. Currently, we operate under the name PMP ROLLS & SERVICE.

PMP ROLLS & SERVICE Sp. of o.o. is registered in the District Court XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register in Bydgoszcz - KRS number 0000107620.

NIP: 559-000-42-59
Company ID: 090021288
D-U-N-S?: 422479647
Capital: 2,005,500.00 zł.